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You can use vinyl letters on signboards, boats, banners, directory signs and even aeroplanes. It is especially good on vehicles since it takes a fraction of the time to fit compared with conventional signwriting and this alone can be a great saving in todays fast paced world. some of our customers purchase new vehicles every couple of years. With vinyl, they can advertise all over their vehicle and when the lease is up simply strip the vinyl signs off, leaving no, or very little trace that any advertising at all was ever on their vehicles. Again this is a great saving on depreciation.

There are a wide range of vinyls available in todays market. You can get translucent vinyls for backlit lightboxes, flexible vinyls for dropdown tarps on trucks, simulated etched vinyls to give the appearance of sandblasted glass, reflective films that illuminate when the light hits them.

There are also many cheap vinyls about, designed for very short exterior life.

So if you are thinking of using vinyl lettering or graphics on your next project make sure you choose a reputable company with experience in this great new medium.

Call us at Summer Signs, we would love to help you put together your next sign project using this exciting and versatile product.