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Why Work With Summer Signs

  • Our experts will help you identify your needs, providing reliable personal service and expert consultation to help you develop the best possible solution.
  • Our digital capabilities ensure easy conversion of your files, whether Mac or PC, resulting in precise accuracy when reproducing your artwork, no matter what software created it.
  • We can archive your logos and other artwork, allowing you the convenience of re-ordering by phone, fax or e-mail.
  • Summer Signs offers a wide variety of sign materials in dozens of colors and finishes.
  • We can reproduce your artwork or draw upon our extensive resources, including hundreds of graphics and type styles, to develop an original design for you.
  • Your Summer Signs representative gives you proactive, personalized service and complete project management, from estimate through to installation.
  • We’ll deliver your project on time and on budget
  • Our Web Tools make it simple and include Proof Manager, Request for Quote,
  • You will receive reliable, personal service and expert signage consultation.

Sign Ideas For Your Business / Special event / Promotions and Displays

A sign, whether it is on your building, the curb or your vehicle, announces who you are, what you do and attracts visitors to your business and events.

Choose a sign that will attract the most customers and project the image you desire.

  • Choose a sign that is visible and easy to read for people who are driving or walking past your business.
  • Choose an attractive sign that is appropriate for your type of business.
  • Your sign will serve to remind existing customers of your business and location, and provide new customers with a valuable visual indicator about the products or services you offer.
  • Your sign should be as large as allowable for your location.

Get More From Your Signs

Make a great impression with a well-designed sign.
The design professionals at Summer Signs can make your sign easier-to-read and to remember through the use of:

  • Eye-catching graphics
    An image with words is more memorable than words alone.
  • Borders
    Borders focus the reader or viewer to the most important information you want them to take away from your sign.
  • Colour
    Vibrant, full color digital graphics make your signs more powerful and your message more memorable.
    Remember good Contrast catches the eye
    - Light Colors on Dark
    - Dark Colors on Light

Visual Impact Chart

Letter Height (mm) Maximum Impact (m) Visibility (m)
30 3 15
100 10 50
300 30 150
600 60 300
1200 120 600
1500 150 750


How important are Point of Sale signs?
According to POPAI (Point-of-Purchase Advertising Institute) 70% of customer-purchase decisions are made inside the store.

Adding a sign may increase your revenue by as much as 15%*
It is a great way to make your business grow.
* Economic Value of On-Premise Signage, 1997

A study by the University of San Diego School of Business found that a sign could create a significant increase in traffic and sales to your business.

Let Summer Signs help you influence customer buying with full colour eye-catching Visual Communication that get them through the door.

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